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Diana May Clark

Diana May Clark

Melbourne singer-songwriter Diana May Clark established her interpretive credentials by way of 2 award winning recordings with Guitarist Doug de Vries. Their take on the Brazilian Songbook is superb. Listen here. Gig guide here.

Her original band 'The Sunny Set' embraces acoustic and electric sounds twisting sunny pop and psychedelic styles with her love of Brazilian music into a new mix that is unique and instantly charming. Refreshingly genuine and brimming with cool guitar riffs, film-noir ripe vocals and kicking grooves; Clark's songs speak of willing the sun into the darkest places, the wheel of life, unity and having an escape plan. Listen here. Watch here.

JOIN THE MAILING LIST here  Check out Diana May Clark & the Sunny Set's 2nd single release 'Blueprint' (Love Unending) with feel good reggae/ska 'Batucada Bonde' (tram song).  Album out in Spring/Summer.