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Diana May Clark's Album
The Other Side of the Girl

 featuring single In Love with Love

Out Now

“An amazing sounding record, where each and every song is an event! Musically, lyrically and rhythmically brilliant and topped off with a voice of sheer delight to the ear.” Charles Jenkins  

Purchase yourself a hardcopy of The Other Side of the Girl and enjoy listening and reading the lyrics via Ash Oswalds's stunning booklet.

Buy digital album here: iTunes

This sunny project of grown-up pop was inspired the winter Clark lost her voice and took solace in the piano.  It combines the pop/rock/jazz influences she grew up with to the ‘musica brasileira’ that she still loves.  Produced through a 60s Pure Pop filter by folk/rock singer-songwriter Dr Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood), this is an album of summer anthems that speak of unity, the wheel of life, family, travel and having an escape plan.

From the get go, Diana May Clark’s ‘The Other Side of the Girl’ makes you wanna undulate.  Not nod your head, not tap your toes nor click your fingers - you wanna move your hips. This is a disc designed to drive you to the dance floor.  Later, you can lie on your back staring at the sky and let the sublime blend of voice and music take you slipping through time like sunshine through tree tops. You’ll be needing a rest after all that dance floor action.” Pat Monaghan (Basement Disks, Melbourne).

Listen here. Watch here.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Diana May Clark established her interpretive credentials by way of 2 award-winning recordings with virtuoso guitarist (collaborator/husband) Doug de Vries. Their take on the Brazilian Songbook is superb. Listen here. Gig guide here.