Diana May Clark

Singing Bossa nova and Samba live
Friday 11th April 2014 8:30pm with
Gianni Turcio Trio at - Dizzy's Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street, Richmond
Call Dizzy’s on (03) 9428-1233

Meanwhile, some news from Di's
recording time with Pop musician Chico Cesar in Brazil:

"Chico Cesar's music is beloved by 4 generations
in Brazil; he's a respected Poet and the Minister
for Culture in Paraiba. In July I visited Chico &
we had fun recording one of my originals 'Hang On'.
He also did me the honour of introducing me to live
radio (including interviews in Portuguese);
There were some adventurous moments..."
Chico will appear as a special guest on my
original studio album due out later in 2014."
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