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BRAZILIAN SONGBOOK (sold out) CHOIR arrangements 

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Short and meditative choral songs and warm up pieces
'You are Love-Love-Loved' - (4 part vocal) by Diana May Clark Download FREE Sheet Music PDF - 'You are Love-Love-Loved'

Great Southern A Cappella · You are Love-Love-Loved - 4 part vocal by Diana May Clark

The Borboleta BRAZILIAN SONGBOOK - now sold out

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From The Borboleta Butterfly Songbook for Choirs and Vocal Groups

1/ Tche Nane (Indigenous)
2/ Toque de Timbaleiro
3/ Corri Pra Ver
4/ O Cio da Terra
5/ Ponta de Areia
6/ Magalenha
7/ Malê de Balê 
8/ Ilê-Ayê
9/ Clementina
10/ Ciranda
11/ San Vicente
12/ Sol Negro
13/ Samba de Roda na Capoiera
14/ Iluayê 

... Immerse yourself in the rhythms, sensual Portuguese language and exquisite harmony of this diverse musical culture - from Amazonian chant to traditional Samba through to MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) by Carlinhos Brown, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso and the lush anthemic strains of Milton Nascimento...

This Songbook includes 14 fully-scored songs with A cappella/guitar & percussion arrangements, two companion CDs with Portuguese pronunciation, recorded groove guides & more... MORE INFO