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ChantSong Circle ~ Singing Meditation

Song circles led by Diana Clark-de Vries
This unique singing experience will transport you to a relaxed and peaceful state. 

Dates - ChantSong sessions:

Sunday Nov 24th – 2pm to 3.30pm
arrive around 2 for a 2:10 start
BOOKINGS: here - SongCircle Tix

Tickets $20/$15 conc pre-booked,
or $25/$20conc at the door

Castlefield Community Centre 
505 Bluff Road, Hampton

Zone out, Tune in... Sing, Chant, Meditate
A touchstone through tone – trust your own voice to go where it will…

Reflect, recharge and connect through continuous song

Join in a relaxing session of ChantSongs (short, meditative melodies/mantras) clear enough to sing along with on first listening. Connect and harmonise over pure sound including Ancient Sanskrit and Indigenous Australian chant sung with peaceful intentions, good vibrations.
Guided by experienced, inspiring and encouraging musician (singer/songwriter, choir leader, music teacher) Diana Clark-de Vries.

This unique singing experience will transport you to a calm and relaxed state.

Song Circle enquires - SMS Diana 0433855580  Email: dmc@dianaclark.com.au
Castlefield Community Centre venue enquiries - Ros 9598 0662 castlefield@bayciss.org.au

ChantSong gatherings are an opportunity to reconnect with our voices and precious breathing space during busy lives.  You are invited to immerse in a circle of flowing song that's easy enough to sing along with on first listening.Singing relaxing call and response style using sound to connect, heal, resonate, fly, rejuvenate, renew.

“The act of singing together unifies, clarifies the body, mind and senses, and enhances our connection to the inner self as well as the outer world. Sharing sacred space and song gently tunes us to hear our heart’s desires…a great place to re-enter the world from; our true, expressed and peaceful self.” Diana Clark-de Vries
More info:
Chant Song Circle Gatherings

Host your own:
ChantsMeetings Song Circle at home or function - gather 6-60 friends
and we'll tailor the event to include a ChantSong circle followed by
refreshments/skill sharing/celebrations to suit the occassion.
"I see these chant song circles as a fount in which to quench your need to sing without rehearsing, preparing, or bringing anything along except a desire to submerge into a soothing river of song..." Diana Clark-de Vries



by Diana Clark and Doug de Vries

... Immerse yourself in the rhythms, sensual Portuguese language and exquisite harmony of this diverse musical culture - from Amazonian chant to traditional Samba through to MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) by Carlinhos Brown, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso and the lush anthemic strains of Milton Nascimento...

This Songbook includes 14 fully-scored songs with A cappella/guitar & percussion arrangements, two companion CDs with Portuguese pronunciation, recorded groove guides & more... MORE INFO

Diana has a background in A cappella music - being a founding member of Akasa with Vicki King, Andrea Watson and the late Melanie Shanahan.